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Holiday Carpet Cleaning in Chaffee County

Snow. Dirt. Fallen Leaves. Muddy Paw Prints. Salt from the Roads.

While you might be part of the small population that takes your shoes off before walking on the carpet in your house, there is an even larger population of people that don't. If you are reading this, you are probably one of the later.

This is a GREAT time to get your carpets cleaned! There is no "right answer" when you consider doing it before or after the holidays. In normal years, when families can come from all over to eat and be merry; before is an excellent time. The dust and dirt from the past year get removed just in time for your guests to arrive. Those old pet stains can magically disappear from the guest bedroom and the traffic lanes can become a bit less noticeable.

The holidays are meant for family time. It's the time of year when children crawl around on the floor. They spend hours on the floor during winter from playing with new toys and watching holiday specials and movies! Removing dirt and allergens from the carpet pile keeps kids safe and healthy. Your children might not care about dirt, but you’ll feel better knowing the floor is clean.

By the time December 19th rolls around it probably is too late to get scheduled for a cleaning for your company, but even after the holidays it is beneficial to your family's health! Dropped food, spilled drinks, increased foot traffic and muddy prints courtesy of Colorado's temperamental winters can leave your carpet looking stained and spotted. The New Year is a time to press re-set on many things. Because of that, it is also a great time to clean up after those house guests. The decorations have been tucked away and the ornamental glitter still sparkles in certain light. Having your carpets cleaned is a good way to put the final touches on cleaning up from the holidays!

Regardless of WHEN you decide to get your carpets cleaned we can assure you that the dirt and grime you have been seeing will be removed along with allergens that can be contributing to your wintertime sniffles.

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